Digital Wedding Portraits

A sampling of “celebration in print” wedding illustrations. Each caricatured portrait was created from client headshots, and (with a little customer feedback) customized to perfection.

Designer // Revisionist
All images were created for clients of the Miss Design Berry Inc. wedding boutique, and were created to fit their in-house visual style.
Created between Sept 16 – March 17
Works created during my employment with MDB. Pictures utilize in-house elements + likenesses of each couple.

A wedding e-vite design done in the style of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” album cover for two music lovers celebrating an anniversary.

A wedding venue illustration and portrait for a happy couple’s special day.

An Alice in Wonderland themed canvas guestbook board printable.

A canvas guestbook board printable created to incorporate the couple’s love for Back to the Future. Great Scott!

This engagement announcement printable features a couple portrait, and their pooch.

This guestbook features a lovely couple and their totally unique pets.

Process video detailing a selfie-turned-self portrait to show clients how we transform a digital photo into a custom keepsake!
View it live on their Instagram Page:

A self portrait created in the Miss Design Berry in-house style.

These newlyweds wanted a peek inside the Tardis!

This canvas guestbook board printable features the happy couple’s quartet of super cute dogs.

Another wedding venue illustration and portrait, this time capturing an evening ceremony.

A couple portrait (featuring their pup, of course!) and beautiful wedding venue in the background.